Rag Doll Ninjas...

Rag-doll ninjas don't stand a chance against Dallas T. Washington.

this is an idea I had for a comic whilst at work. I was about to head to the gym later this night when I was suddenly struck by visual lightning and I had to get it down on paper. Gonna use this as my cornerstone for my Dallas T. Washington comic in the mid-far-future.

I want Dallas to be jumping out of the comic panel and grabbing the enemy in the next panel by the throat; then telling him to his face that he's gonna kill him. how much tougher can you get?

more Dallas t. sketches

Dallas truckin'. He's in a kinder and gentler mood.


Alex "Toon" Deligiannis said...

Hahahaha, the Dallas sketches on your blog are great, dood! Good to see you the other day, thanks for making it to the show man!

Ken said...

sweet sketches mate! happy new year!