Hilarious Sword and the Stone mustaches

I was watching sword and the stone last night, doing study sketches, and noticed how hilarious the mustache designs were.  That movie has some of the most hilarious mustaches and necks I've ever seen. 
I fell asleep watching the movie a second time that night and drew this dude in the AM from memory.

more staches comin'

Best Regards,


Tal Moscovici said...

Nothing like a good stache to keep one giggling like a little school girl for hours!

Nice seeing you at CTN man. Good to know you're still doing well and out and about rubbing elbows with the mighty animation gods. Where was the rest of the Katzenjammer squadron?

DrawDoll said...

Hey this is a sweet sketch! Keep it classy down there in L.A :)

Carrie Liao said...

ha that movie is awesome. Very nice sketch, cool to see how you draw in a different style :)