Downtown Drink and Draw Art Show Bar Thingy

My friend Aaron dragged me out to an awesome/weird/fun art show in downtown.  Little bit art show, music, bar, impromptu life drawing with one of the models friends, Tiffany.  The bar was a converted bank vault, and there were these money cage thingies where either the Tiffany or we were sitting.

 5's min.?  Early in the evening.  Model is back lit 3/4 of the time from some random blue bar lamp.

5-10 min? 1/2 into night.  Having fun with those japanese water pens, ball point a bit, and an aquasketch pencil...and a bit of my brush pen just before it died out.

 MILLISECOND, moving non stop poses, gotta catch the rhythm and remember it and push it.  End of the night, super fun and nothing I'm used to.  Really cool to push your routine...also Aaron kept buying me drinks ;)
last pose for the night. 5 min.

I love life drawing, need to practice and do it more and more.  But I'm digging the marriage between goofing off and drawing and trying new tools and things.


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