Head Drawing

Finally making a little progress from my classes at 3kicks. Head drawing.
Can't wait to get some other classes under my belt but there are projects to finish before studies.

This was about a...2 hour pose? I think, maybe?  From Richard Morris' class.  I've been taking tons of stuff from Glen Orbik, who's class is the 'ish', but Morris' class forcing me to slow down; my weakness and plateau.
Anyway, I think Richard studied with Glen, cause his book recommendations and intros to class information are near verbatim...sans the awesome bad jokes that Glen throws in.  Also, the tools are very different, but they lend themselves to forcibly slower drawing (harder pencils and more deliberate under drawing phase that is harder to rush ahead with when you're inexperienced), even though the under knowledge is near identical (planes of the head, learning the specific features, recommendations on how to approach studies, some of the suggested masters to look at, books)

Anyway, I gotta rush some studies before tonight's drawing session and got a cartoon to make. I'll update at the end of the term.


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Lynn said...

Awesome, mike! The eyes are great. More!!!