Nordstrom Watercolor

Sooooo, I was shopping for this totally cute tunic but just then I realized what a great resource of fashion and figures the free Nortstrom clothing catalog were! I drew and painted this out of a Nordstrom catalog.

I sketched this out. only after deciding that my tunic was gonna cost me way too much money, so I decided to wait until my next pay check to burn it on cute clothes......and a 30 pack of beers.


It's late. I quit. perhaps another tomorrow

oh, this was a warm up sketch.

Next time I go shopping for a cute bra to match my hairy chest I'll be sure to provide you guys with another drawing of catalog girls.....or maybe a drawing of Conan beheading a poke'mon.

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Adam Ford said...

Very nice indeed! I would love to try painting figures someday. Great stuff!