New Dallas Designs

Reshaping the Dallas designs a bit. made him a bit stockier, as well as pushed his dominant shapes more. shrinking his nose and pushing his eyes up higher on his head, and creating a larger "big mouth" and chin

super quickie with the American flag.


katzenjammer studios said...

Dude, this looks sweet! I like how a lot of it is simplified, but I think you could even get more simplified/cartoony with the arms/hands. You're getting more negative space out of this design which is essential. I can't wait to see this fatter Dallas start taking fools out!

Ken said...

haha cool character! What is the concept behind him?

Mike Nassar said...

Chris(katz): thanks dude. yeah I've been taking a lot of stuff back to the drawing board for fun, and some stuff is just sticking. but i''m gonna keep on developing (I still got a dozen chars I gotta design for my other films)

Ken: thanks for dropping by dude. Dallas is the top American Super secret agent, ever. He is the American James bond with more rough edges and personal defects. That's the super short break down. I'll be sure to do a post on him in the near future.

Carrie L. said...

hey mike
it was nice running into you at the leyendecker show. great stuff here!