Dallas && Gumphry && Watercolor == FUN!

ink & watercolor.
I couldn't fall asleep last night (over-napped immediately after turkey dinner) so I was compelled to dip back into my old inkwell and practice smore' with my watercolors.

A little Gumphry watercolor sketch. Had alot of fun on this one. In retrospect I shouldn't have composed Gumph dead center like this; I guess I got too excited to just draw. but overall, I'm happy with the drawing and my growth with watercolor. Good old fashioned drawing fun at 2am on Thanksgiving.

Started off with this Dallas watercolor sketch. kinda warmed me up. I wasn't thinking to compose an image, which is a bad habit, but I just needed to put something down on paper first.


Ken said...

these are fun! I really like watercoloured stuff. I may have to try it one day. Nice work dude!

Maha said...

Hi Mike,
This is one humdinger of a blog you have here. What I saw of your boards last night was fun and I look forward to seein' the finished product! Keep up the watercolor work too.