Dallas on Form

Concentrated more on form and the build of the man; from rough to surfaced drawing. Some of the detail worked against me toward the end of the night, the effects of habit and fatigue.
But drawing till late always beats late night spelling bees!

drawing for the WIN!



jenfuj said...

This is a great break down. I think the one thing that is bugging me is that third line from the left on his neck, cause it's curving to the bottom right, which makes me see the neck farther over than you meant it. But then again, it could just be my eyes going wonky from staring at a screen all day. :) But still, good break down! :D

Mike Nassar said...

no jen, that is a legitimate observation, your eyes are doing fine.
yeah that's a sloppy line with unclear intention. he has a fatty neck, yet i tried pulling lines of muscle tension which seem to contradict the form.

Good eye and thanks for the crit.

Ken said...

good to see your character coming on!