sokol study (knock off)

Did a copy practice painting of my favorite playboy cartoonists Erich Sokol.
after 8 months I'm STARTING to get the hang of watercolor.

Did this with watercolor, india ink (both black and opaque white ink).
(photo taken at night and kinda blew out the colors as did the jpeg compression).


Guys Blog said...

your watercolor painting looks great

James said...

I suck at watercolor. This is just great.

Carrie Liao said...

looking good! looking forward to more of your watercolor work! (:

Mike Nassar said...

thanks gang.
Yeah I'll try to put up some more watercolor stuff from time to time. I got a bunch of comics I'm working on. So when I go to ink and watercolor stage I'll be sure to post some samples.

david gemmill said...

Damn dude. kicking ass here.