Gators and Shtuff

I need to look at way more refrence.


Mike said...

By all means, do, but it's often funnier when you don't.

Sonzeh said...

NICE BLOG!!! Fabulous drawings!! I really admire your talent :)
Congratulations in being in the blogs of note :)

My art is in photography. Check out/Follow my Blog?


Something Cakes said...

No...no you don't these little guys are awesome as they are!

Kudos on being on Blogs of Note!!


scireg said...

Oh,great post .I really like it ^^!

John Bryson said...

Mulberry heights is spectacular!!!

Mike Nassar said...

thanks everyone.
mike- thanks dude. I'm workin on the funny. but refrence helps give me a basis for exageration.

The Girl- thanks. I still gotta work hard to level up. A lot of fantastic artists out there. I dunno if I have time to do you a drawing, but I'll try and work one into a morning warm-up sketch for ya'.

John- Thanks, glad you dug it. There's more films at my comic site toonhole.com. some stuff NSFW. we got a new film up yesterday :)

H. Marahrens said...

The gator on the right is my favorite! I like the way it looks! :D