Nintendo NARC and Other-Sketch


something completely other.

Got NARC in from ebay.  A game that teaches kids that drug dealers need to be shot, blown up, run over using a bright red Porche and busted.  Then take all their cash and coke bags for extra lives.  BEST GAME EVER.  End boss is one that you'll never forget.

Anywho, old Nintendo inspired me, so I drew this NARC character from the game...then I started messing with brushes and did the other sketch.  I'm starting to get a small handle on photoshop after....7 years of mostly sketching on paper or Flash.


Mike said...

I remember NARC being praised in the nineties for its "strong anti-drug message." Snicker. But it's a fun little shoot em up.

Mike Nassar said...

it's a great shoot em' up. I got the game almost down to a science, when to score busts and money for extra lives, and when to power through the level....but it's also fun to use a game genie and use infinite rockets to keep blowing drug dealers and evil dogs up.

life book said...

I used to play Quake instead of NARC, but the latter is awesome too ;)

Mike Nassar said...

Quake was way after narc, but dude. I used to ROCK Quake 1. Quakeworld FFA with custom skins and maps, or rocket arena DM3 for dayyyssss.