100 million more hours to go, then I'll be done.


my name is Ian said...

that's pretty rad.

Kirun said...

and hang in there.

Joaquin the Chihuahua said...

I want to be you...

Tung Nguyen said...

Neat. I like the energy and fluidness in the lines.
Are those cleaned-up-ish drawings?

Do you generally start off animating with a really rough looking guy, like the one in the background of the first one? Or is that just a layout sketch/thumbnail thing?

Anonymous said...

great work
totally worth spending 100 hr on it

kindly check out my blog

Mike Nassar said...

Thanks everyone.
Kirun: I'm trying buddy. gotta take it to the limit!

Tung: thanks man. naw, none of these are clean-ups. I'll post a color and cleaned line next month.

yeah, generally I start super rough, just cause thanks what makes sense to me SOMETIMES. I didn't thumbmnail these, cause it's digital, I just kinda zoom out a bit and use a medium to large brush. large enough to still have control though.
Kinda like the light pinkish drawing in the back of image 1 and 2. it only takes 15 minutes to block in the poses to the sound track and kinda get the size of the characters. other times I might HARDLY even touch that level and go in as something a touch rougher than image 3.
I still thumbnail once in a while, but mostly it's the larger brush semi-zoomed out technique.

Zarko said...

Hi, I really like paintings on your blog. Thanks for sharing. I will be back here :-)