Glen Orbik Head Drawin!!!!

Getting back to the basics over the last 1.5-2 years.  Never thought I'd care much for the specifics of head drawing, but it's hard and I love all the nuance of it.  I'm took a head drawing class with Glen Orbik and am gonna do it one more again.
Even though I never cared much for portraits and stuff, I think there is a TON to learn from the head that is simply methods of thinking about drawing itself (a sensitive touch with your pencil to start the image, lay-in and planning, design, simple but clear values 'light and dark', character type,  planes of the head, rhythms to help you nail and wing it, and design design design, and corny jokes too.  And surprisingly I didn't realize how important it is to have the right tools and sharpen your charcoal properly...it's friggin' important!).

Here's a couple drawings I did at a workshop right before or in Glen's class 2 months ago.

30 min? 1 hour?

5 min.

Glen Orbik is a bad ass illustrator, tons of experience and a very relaxed but clear and concise teaching method.  He goes over the same principles and ways to think over and over again, and over the course of 10 weeks you learn a couple basic steps and methods to think and design an image (in this case a head).
He teaches from the Frank Reilly method, but his teacher was Fred Fixler who passed the method down;  Fred painted the Vincent Price movie posters, so he's good in my book, hahaha!
So I'm taking another class with him becasue he still is able to tell corny jokes 1/2 the class while he draws.  It's great. He's currently teaching head drawing at 3kicks Studio.  I'm taking it a second time and hope to take some painting classes with him down the road, too.

Anywho, I need about a year of just the head drawings non-stop which is tough.  But every 3 months when I beat myself up too much for not working hard enough on any 1 specific thing, I look back at older drawings and see clear growth, so screw it I'm gonna keep at it for a bit. I'm pretty excited about watching Glen draw for the next 10 weeks.  Gotta do way wayyy more homeworks and drink 14% less beer.


Bruce said...

Make it 15% less beer. Glen's a great teacher an a world class illustrator. If you keep at it you will make great progress. All the best.

Mike Nassar said...

Thanks, Bruce. I don't wanna squander such good instruction and limited time with Glen.
Super pumped to be learning right now.