Goodbye Kitty!....boarding

Doing some storyboards in flash.  It's fun, been cutting animatics all month, it's good to board again.  This is a Titanic gag 15 years too late, hahaha. Crap I need more experience. haha.

I like boarding in Flash, it's very direct and you get a lot of control over your assets (BGs and character layers) which saves tons of time. you have the entire board visible to you on a timeline in a single view.  The drawing tool is a little intimidating at first (sometimes inaccurate)  but if you turn the SMOOTHING property down on the brush (I put mine anywhere between 5-29, default is 50) you get a lot of control and texture to the line.

Check out the Goodbye Kitty cartoons that John Martinez and I are directing here.



Kirun said...

awesome stuff man!
i love seeing your behind the scenes stuff. its INSPIRING

Mike Nassar said...

thanks, buddy. Feels good to bust things out at a reasonable fast pace to finish.